Alpine 5 Stall Portable Restroom Trailer
Alpine 5 Stall Portable Restroom Trailer
  • Alpine 5 Stall Portable Restroom Trailer
  • Alpine China White Toilets
  • Sinks, Water, Mirrors in Classic Style
  • Waterless Urinals
  • Wall Heaters
  • Dual Toilet Roll Holders


The Alpine 5 Stall Restroom Trailers

  • Interior Walls of portable restroom trailers are washable.
  • City Water Connection – Installed with limit valve to control amount of water pressure throughout restroom trailer system.
  • 12 volt Iinterior Lighting to allow lighting with just the use of a battery.
  • Porch light – lighting steps on the restroom trailers to allow use of facilities at night.
  • Air Conditioning- standard on most restroom trailers and ducted to both male and female stations.
  • Entrance Doors – Sealed –Fireproof with deadbolt-Durable for long term use.
  • Large Waste Holding Tanks
  • Exterior Fiberglass Gelcoat- Will not rust or dent and has no seams or rivets that can pull apart.
  • Sealed Floor- Restroom trailer sealed flooring is more durable and water resistant.
  • Waterless Urinals – Save money by reducing water usage and number of trips to pump out waste tank.
  • Floor drains – To more easily clean interior of restroom trailers.
  • Faucets – Every portable restroom trailers have self closing faucets which will automatically shut off to conserve water.
  • All Restroom Trailers has stabilizer jacks at all four corners.
  • Base Cabinets in Restroom Trailers are washable and lockable and a mechanical room is easily accessed from the exterior.
  • LP Gas Water Heater with LP Tanks
  • Electric Water Heater
  • Extreme Winter Package (MI & CAN)
  • Additional Air Conditioning
  • Interior 110 Outlet
  • Fire extinguisher

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