"Porta-Pal" Restroom Trailers

Running Water
Foot Flushing Toilets
A/C & Heat

The "Porta-Pal" three station restroom trailer, or a three startion restroom trailer is standard with dent resistant exterior fiberglass, private rooms as female or male stations, stainless steel sinks, metered faucets, washable interior walls, large 275 gallon waste tank capacity, waterless urinal, china foot flush toilets, and features available options such as air conditioning, wall heaters, on board fresh water tanks, and winter package with heated tanks. This durable portable restroom trailer will last a lifetime.

If your restroom business is with special events then dress up the Porta Pal restroom trailer with a Glamour Package. Vessel sinks, solid surface countertops and additional glamour lighting will add the look to impress the client whether for a wedding or a corporate event.

Every Porta-pal restroom trailer is standard with exterior Fiberglass Gelcoat
Sealed Floor- Fiberglass reinforced polymer floor decking more durable and water resistant.
The restroom trailer is standard with Large Waste Holding Tanks – ½ inch thick co-poly tank- will not rust or deteriate- compare to other brands of steel or plastic tanks only ¼ or 3/8 inch thick.
Waterless Urinals standard– Save money by reducing water usage and number of trips to discharge tank.
Faucets – Metered and will automatically shut off to conserve water.
Stainless Steel Sink- Durable and easy to clean.
Interior Walls – Water repellant - All washable, attractive and very durable.
Portable Restroom trailer includes a City Water Connection – Installed with limit valve to control amount of water pressure through system.
Large I-Beam Frame – Powder Coated and sealed on all exposed sides
The Portable Restroom Trailer is standard with Oversized Axles and Frame rated to allow emergency transportation with weight of full tanks.
All custom restroom trailers have Base Cabinets which are washable and lockable.